Hi, my name is Demi Lacet. Located in Portugal, I am a digital product designer passionate about interactive projects. Heart beats half for engineering and half for art. I love connecting demands to solutions through team interaction, and always with hints of storytelling and funny moments!

In general, my resume has that basic information such as academic activities (I'm a Ph.D.(c) in WEB Technology, I have a master's degree in Informatics and licence in Visual Arts), professional experience (working for more than fifteen years with digital content, 3D or interactive, and part of that time also dedicated to university research and teaching).

I only ask your attention to the most important information that is outside the resume... I was a child who grew up in the analog world and closely followed the rise of the digital world. I was lucky enough to witness the rise of the internet and share with my generation the ecstasy of the virtual world that was just beginning. I have always been fascinated by discoveries,mainly because of my curious nature, and I often wanted to know what was behind everything. At the same time, I've always been passionate about art, and that's why over the years I've always been involved in projects that mixed technology with art, not only digitally but physically. I had several experiences with 2D art, 3D, prototyping, and interactive artifacts like games, virtual reality, and multimedia applications. I've seen software come and go.

But although I love to produce, the main lesson life taught me wasn't about digital design, it was about dealing with people.

It is common for companies to look for the best of the best, but while I was a leader, I saw in practice that sometimes, for the dream team to fully function, it is necessary to understand the team individually to obtain the necessary cohesion and achieve the objectives.

Call me if you think I can add value to your team!


Teamwork, Open to criticism, Conflict management, Creative, Problem solving, Adaptability


Understand young and seniors, programmers and designers. Empathy. Smile and cry together (mainly)


UX/UI, 3D, Graphic Design softwares, VR/AR, Unity 3D, HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL/Json


Engineering, Art, Manufacturing Projects, Drawing


Rubik's cube, Games, Skateboard, kayak, Guitar, Drums, Cooking (Italian food)


Museum, Amusement park, Hiking, Sneaker, RPG, Urban Culture


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Storyteller, Apprentice sorcerer, Practitioner of Yoda and Miyagi teachings

Years of work


Researcher, Project Manager
Senior UX/UI Designer
Choice InteligĂȘncia Digital
Researcher, Professor
VR/ 3D Designer
Image Studio

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